Narrowing down where you’d like to live in Riviera Maya could be the most exciting homework you’ve ever done. You’ve always dreamed of starting your new life in the most beautiful place in the world. From the thousands of people like you, who have decided to love the life they live in a new place, these three areas have been highlighted as the most desirable to live on the coast of Riviera Maya.

Playa De Carmen

This city is a dream for anyone looking to live a city-style life on a small scale. Playa De Carmen is known for its nightlife and though its population is only around 150,000 people, there is always something fun and exciting to do. Everything is within walking distance and so easily accessible. From shopping to dining and entertainment, emphasis on healthy lifestyles, authentic Mexican culture and welcoming inhabitants, PDC screams perfection for anyone interested in living in a social environment.

Puerto Morelos

If you’re moving to make a quieter change, about 20 miles north of Playa de Carmen is Puerto Morelos. With a population of only 9,000 people, you have all of the luxuries of paradise while being a bit more secluded. You’re in the heart of the Yucatan and preservation of mangroves and reefs. The jungle is also under the protection against commercial development. For the avid nature enthusiast, this is home for you.


Not stuck on being in an overly-populated area, but also enjoy some point of contact with people day to day? Tulum may be for you, and it is definitely for those who have a love of history. Being the last city built by the Mayans, the culture is rich, the food is fresh and authentic and the cost of living is low. The city’s community is covered in yoga enthusiasts, foodies (fans of delicious varieties of foods) and diving experts. Ruins tower over the beaches and have been conserved to an incredible degree. Caverns and caves provide many different exciting opportunities to snorkel and discover.

We know what you’re thinking… ‘How do I just pick one?’ and the answer is: easily. Since these are all neighboring cities along the coastline, whichever you choose from, you’re only a carrides distance away from another wonderful city. The real estate experts at Ron Morgan Properties want to be a part of your dream journey. Let us help find the perfect property for you. We look forward to hearing from you!