Riviera Nayarit is filled with many beautiful sights to see. It is filled with many different beaches, shops, adventurous activities and tasty coastal restaurants. The list can be long, so we decided that we would narrow down our top locations for you to visit at Riviera Nayarit:

1.Banderas Bay Beach

3 Must Visit Places in Riviera Nayarit 1



Based off of many articles and travel websites, Banderas Bay Beach is considered to be the most important tourist attraction in Riviera Nayarit. This is a beautiful site to see, as it is the biggest natural bay in Mexico. On this beautiful bay, you can expect to have soft sand and clear waters. Not to mention, you can participate in an array of activities in the water. Sunset Sailing on Banderas Bay is a very popular activity to do at this hotspot. During this 3-hour mini cruise you will have a tranquil experience on this beautiful body of water.


2. Beach Town of Sayulita

3 Must Visit Places in Riviera Nayarit 2

Sayulita is a beach town very close to Puerta Vallarta. This location made it to the list because of its reigning title as Mexico’s best surfing spot. On this beach, you can find a variety of people in the water. From surfing instructors, entry-level surfers, or professionals, it is clear to see that this beach is for everyone. Families enjoy visiting this location because of its ability to keep the whole family entertained. From walks on the colorful streets to delicious coastal restaurants, you will surely enjoy your time at this popular must-see spot.


3. San Blas Mangrove Tour

3 Must Visit Places in Riviera Nayarit 3

San Blas is known for the amount of natural and beautiful wildlife conservations in the area; it is also connected to La Tovara National Park. If you are interested in seeing many different species of birds, up to 200 different kinds, this would be a fun location for you to visit. At San Blas, you are able to take a very serene and calming boat trip to throw the waterways in the mangrove forest. You will see colorful flowers, vines, trees, reptiles, and other beautiful natural life. This is a must see location!

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