Before moving to a new place, you do your research to make sure your hobbies will fit the lifestyle of where you’re thinking to move. You know you want to live in a country that has an unending historical background, a diverse culture, and enrichment of life and a beautiful backdrop. The final thing to check off of your list is making sure the entertainment doesn’t end after work hours. In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico nightlife carries this daydream to an after-hours adventure.

Learn to Dance
Dancing maybe something new you’re introducing into your life. Don’t worry, you’ve got the best dance instructors living in your very own neighborhood. At the Ritmos Latinos Dance School and Studio, learn traditional tropical dances as well as a variety of new latin dancing. A new hobby never hurts, and in fact, this is one that will get you well acclimated with the people around you in no time. Taking what you’ve learned at these classes and putting them into application in one of the several night clubs in the area is a great way to meet other locals. 

Los Muertos Brewing Company
‘The Dead’ Brewing Company…Don’t be alarmed. 15 years ago, this home-grown brewery opened on Dia De Los Muertos and became a great success and a good luck charm! Get a real taste of what Mexican beer tastes like. Though many people consider the lagers to be a “go-to” in the country of Mexico, the craft beer scene is a fun, up-and-coming industry to the area. Puerto Vallarta is home to one of the first local craft breweries bringing a new taste to the area.

Dinner Show
What’s better than a history being played outset in the heart of the tropical rainforest to rhythmic pulses, dances and acrobatics? Nothing. In the quiet city of Caleta, dinner and a show change periodically to help tell the story of the Aztec creation story.

Gaze at Garza Blanca
If you’re a sucker for the stars, as most of us are, there are several star-observing sites that are equipped with star maps to navigate the wondrous skies. Garza Blanca is a natural-lit area with little to no light pollution. Star-gazing at resorts have many different benefits such as explanations as to what exactly you’re looking at, and top-of-the-line telescopes. Though the vast skies are beautiful to look at year-round, the best time for star-gazing in PV are the months of January through March.


If you’re looking for a life-long list of adventures then it’s true, you’re truly moving to one of the most thrilling and adventurous places on Earth. At Ron Morgan Properties, we are thrilled to be a part of your real estate investment. Whether it’s your first home, second property or rental space, we have the expertise and ease to help you find your perfect fit. Contact us today to find your dream property in Puerto Vallarta.