Living in Puerto Vallarta has been nothing short of a dream, you think to yourself as you sit on your new patio in your new home. The beaches have been amazing. The food, you cannot even explain how delicious it’s been Your state of mind is at pure serenity. But then you think to yourself, what does the “me” in Mexico enjoy doing recreationally? With so many wondrous activities to get involved with, it is hard to choose just one hobby! So don’t. Do them all!


Become a Folk Artist

Huichol art is a very important piece of Mexican Culture in Puerto Vallarta. With mediums such as wood, tile, clay, sediment, beads and even yarn; creating mosaics or clay sculptures could be the perfect sensory filled hobby. Its charm and history will teach you the stories of your new home while appreciating its generationally handed down processes. Should you become really good, a local art gallery may be in tune to pick you up as a representative artist!


Professional Observer: Your new workout regime

Sit. Look. Take in. and Enjoy. When do you ever get to say that? In Puerto Vallarta, there are so many places to just sit in awe and wonder of its beauty. Start a running list of the places you really want to get to know. Here are a few to start that off:

Mirador De la Cruz: Starting at the Malecon, take a hillside hike up cobblestone streets to reach the breathtaking views of the mountains behind you and the ocean in front of you. It’s no wonder this place is nick-named, “The Looker”.

Old Puerto Vallarta: Walk around the charming historic streets of Puerto Vallarta and enjoy people watching, shop-hopping and coffee sipping while reading your new local paper.


Tequila Connoisseur

It is a real thing! Mexico, known for its distinct and delectable tequila, is the perfect hobby for margarita enthusiasts as well as tequila-appreciating people all around. Find out what foods pair best with these home-crafted tequilas and the artisanal steps to make the perfect tequila for you!


A Friend to the Animals

Become an animal activist and help clean the shores and waters where whale and dolphin tours commonly take place. With so many people and aqua recreational vehicles coming and going, it is easy for trash to accumulate in the waters and shore of your beautiful new home. Thanks to volunteers, it is well-kept, but help is always welcomed. What could be better than living in Mexico and being philanthropically involved?

There are so many new and different opportunities to become part of your everyday life in Puerto Vallarta! We want to help you make this your day-to-day reality. Ron Morgan Properties is a reputable and experienced full-service, innovative company, which is essential when buying a property. Are you considering moving to Mexico? Buying a house or property in Mexico isn’t so different than buying a house in the US or even Canada. Give us a call to get started!