Living in a tropical paradise is enough for most people to come and visit you regularly in the beautiful country of Mexico. Free room and board is another added bonus for having close ones living in a vacation hot-spot.  However, for some it will take a little more convincing. The day-by-day monotony of life catches up to the comfort of friends and family and you can’t blame them. They haven’t learned the ways of enjoying life the way you have!


Here are some perks that may quickly persuade your loved ones to come and visit you fast and more frequently:


The Hopper App

This app helps find the lowest and cheapest air-fairs and round trip flight prices. It’s database also is able to help predict when will be the best time to fly to a certain region. Too expensive to buy a ticket now or too busy? That works fine. Stay on this app to track the best time to buy!


Roadtrippers & Cool Cousin

Remember that cousin who doesn’t enjoy beaches? Though you may not understand her logic, here’s an app to get her in touch with interests in your new native land. The two apps: Roadtrippers and Cool Cousin help you find points of interests, restaurants, and even national parks. There may even be something new that you (the local) hadn’t discovered yet!


Learning the Language 

Not a problem. Three reasons. 1- You are now their personal translator. 2- Many people in Mexico speak English as a second language. 3- Itranslate is the highest-rated free translation app on the market. So if your loved one is questioning your foreign language abilities, tell him/her to download this app and relax! 



Name 1 person who would use organization as an excuse not to come visit you because they would be afraid they would forget to pack something or leave something important at home. You could probably name 3. Leave the anxiety of packing to the experts at Packpoint app. This app helps you generate lists of things you’ll need based on where you’re going, how long you’ll be there and the occasion of travel. 


Currency Questions

There’s also that person in you friend group that goes above and beyond planning. He wants to know how much money he needs to bring to Mexico. Using the XE Currency app shows the most up-to-date exchange rates. So no need to fear, friend dear. You’ve got all you need to convince those last friends and family of yours to come visit you in your country.


You never know, the one person who waited forever to come visit may make the best decision in their lives and come move to paradise, too. Remember to let them know we’re here to help them find their new or second home, best rental options, or perfect office space in one of the most beautiful locations in the world! Tell them to give us a call today to get started!