All paperwork is finalized for your move to Mexico. You’ve got your visa ready and you’ve done your research on where you’re going to live. Life is becoming your greatest adventure. Should you buy a residence or should you rent? Should I learn Spanish? These are some questions you may need to consider before your move! To ensure your success in your new home, here are five things that every expat should anticipate after a move!


Social Networking

This goes beyond instagram! Many people assume that vacationing is much like moving. Establishing meaningful friendships/relationships takes time and effort. Make sure to stay involved in your activities of interests and start trying to make friendships there! It will be important to set up new relationships when moving somewhere new and leaving friends and family back home to avoid homesickness!


Future Career

Remember, you’re living in a new country. There may be things that are much different in Mexico than what you’re familiar with. Get acclimated to business norms, rituals and customs. Build and network based on the career industry you’re most interested in. Mexico’s technology scene is booming and on the rise for those of you who are considering a life move change!


Learning the Local language

If you haven’t already, you might as well now! It is too easy and readily available to learn a new language now a days! Yes, there are many people in Mexico who know how to speak English. However, if you’re going to constantly be around the same people who may not speak English, it will greatly ease your time meeting with current locals in and around the area! Try different free apps (even on your phone) such as DuoLingo! These apps help step by step in teaching you a foreign language.


Paying Taxes on Home Front

Even if you are permanently moving to Mexico, if you are a US citizen, you need to anticipate continuing paying US taxes. Most people may not even give this a second thought, but it is true. Even if you are self-employed. Should you be a US citizen, you are still responsible for filing US taxes. 


Health Insurance

Most people assume that health insurance is included in traveler’s insurance. This is circumstantial and not always applicable. Be sure to check with your current insurance and see if your benefits are applicable permanently out of country!


Any move takes some time, thought and consideration. These tidbits of advice are collected by expats who have “been there and done that”. Here at Ron Morgan Properties, we are happy to help you with the moving process! With plently of real estate to buy, or rent moving to Mexico is the most exciting and best decision you will ever make! We look forward to working with you!