There is the excitement of buying a property in Puerto Vallarta, the flurry of documents and packing and organizing to move, the settling into your new home or condo in Vallarta….and then…. what next? For as wonderful as life in Puerto Vallarta is, almost every foreigner who has made the move has experienced a little case of “expat blues” at some point. We have 5 great tips for thriving in your new lifestyle and making an easy adjustment to your new home.

  • Embrace the culture. Mexico is literally ranked as one of the “happiest” countries in the world and there is a reason for that. This country is rich in color, tradition, flavors…explore them, embrace them and some may even become your own.
  • Go easy on yourself. Moving to a new place with a new language, it’s a lot of changes and you’re going to make some mistakes. Forgive yourself and remember, each time you get it wrong, it’s an opportunity to get it right the next time.
  • Make friends. A social circle not only makes life in Puerto Vallarta more fun, but it provides a support system when you need it. There are numerous active social clubs in the city and a quick search on Facebook will find you lots of local forums to start meeting new people.
  • Get involved in the community. Puerto Vallarta won’t feel like home until you make it home. Learn the names of the people that work in the businesses you frequent around your home, donate time working with some local charities, or attend culture events and happenings around the city. Every time you make a small effort to get more connected to your community, it will feel a little more like home.
  • Practice the language. English is widely spoken in Puerto Vallarta, but learning some Spanish will enrich your life in many ways. Conversations with locals become more rewarding, errands get just a little easier and…. if you’re lucky…. when all your Mexican friends start laughing, you might actually get the joke!

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