It is no secret that a week of vacation is simply not enough time. Not enough time to enjoy, relax, explore, discover, eat, sleep and experience Mexico. Well, no need to cram it all in one week. Living in Mexico allows for time to enjoy all of the things that made you fall in love with Mexico to begin with. Namely, the ocean. Water lovers were made for Riviera Nayarit, Mexico in the Summer and here are 5 reasons why.


Rappelling into a Mayan Cenote

There are endless opportunities to explore in Mexico. Enough to last a lifetime. Rappell into an ancient Mayan Cenote. Learn about the history of why civilizations would go down into these underwater tunnels. Being a good bit less touristy, Riviera Nayarit is chalk-full of cities ready for new locals to enjoy many different excursions (minus the waiting in line or crowded experiences). 


Underwater Cave Walk

Be part of a humbling and wondrous walk through the underwater caves of Cenote Chaak Tun. During this well lit cave excavation, a tour guide takes you through many different water rock formations and explain how they were created, what they signify in history, and symbolism to the people of Playa Del Carmen. Take the time to appreciate the ecosystems of the under(water) world!



The ruins wrecks of Tulum create an unbelievable underwater adventure. Swimming past hundreds of years of history is not only beautiful, but exhilarating. It may even inspire you to become an underwater archeologist and investigate what it was that you were looking at! Akumal, also known as the home of the sea turtles, provides picturesque opportunities to witness the laying/hatching of turtle eggs from the months of May to November. And let us not forget Yalku Lagoon. This snorkeling trip is harbored in calm waters full of tropical fish. 



Been there, done that. Doesn’t sound that exciting until you pair it with being next to a whale! Don’t worry! These whales are very docile in nature and there is nothing like seeing these incredible creatures up close by standing on a paddleboard versus having to wait on a boat. Safety guides explain the parameters of how close one can go to the massive animals, but again, probably another opportunity you probably didn’t realize existed in your own backyard.


Day Sailing

When you live where the best seafood in the world is served, it goes without question that you must go fishing. At least once. Day sailing in Puerto Morelos is as tranquil as it is exciting. The boat ride out to Isla Mujeres includes sights of beautiful homes, lighthouses, mangroves and miles and miles of deep blue water. But what is fishing with a rod and reel when in Mexico? Where’s the fun in that? Spear fishing awaits you as you arrive to the islands. Physical tenacity and accuracy go along way in this sport-style of fishing. Who knows, it could even be your next hobby!


You could finish off the summer in the pool as most people around the world do today. But when you live in paradise, the options of ending the long season of summer off right are endless. Ron Morgan properties can help you find your next or second home, best rental options, or perfect office space in one of the most beautiful locations in the world! Give us a call today to get started!