When you buy a property in Puerto Vallarta, of course you want to support the local economy and shop from local merchants.  But on occasion, there will be that special something that you just can’t find here in Puerto Vallarta, and it has never been easier to shop online from international stores.  There are several online companies that provide shipping to Mexico, but in this installment of our “How to” series, we’re going to focus one company that has been a real game-changer for any fashionista: Borderfree.

Borderfree describes itself as “a ground-breaking global e-commerce solution that allows us to present our international shoppers with product prices in that country’s currency for most locations, aggressive international shipping costs, accurate and guaranteed taxes and duties and the lowest possible guaranteed order total.”

Borderfree works with over 200 fashion, home and accessory stores from around the world, including big names like Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Overstock and Target.  When you place your order, the shipping and duty will be added to your total at the checkout, so there will be no additional charges when your package is delivered. Additionally, some companies that work with Borderfree even offer free shipping to Mexico, making the service even more attractive.

Your package will be delivered to your home with either DHL or Estafeta, depending on the store from which you make your purchase.  Delivery times are generally between 9 to 17 business days.

So if you have a special event and just can’t find the right thing locally, you can still shop from international stores even if you are living in Puerto Vallarta. And while supporting our own community marketplace is always best, it’s nice to have another option, should you need it.

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