Property taxes…. it’s one of those things that have homeowners in Canada and the United States mourning the state of their post-holiday bank accounts.  However, those who buy a condo or house in Puerto Vallarta are surprised and happy to learn that property taxes in Mexico are very low.  In fact, for a single-family home in Fluvial or similar neighborhood, your average homeowner would expect a bill of around 3000 pesos annually for their property taxes in Puerto Vallarta.  And, as an added bonus, if you pay the property taxes on your home or condo in Puerto Vallarta in January or February, you can claim a 15% discount on the total bill.  Here’s how to pay your property taxes in Puerto Vallarta, in just a few easy steps.

  • Visit either City Hall or the Unirse building in Fluvial.
  • Bring a copy of your account number from your previous year’s property taxes. If you have recently purchased your home, you will find a copy of the previous property taxes in your packet of documents provided by your notary when the sale on your home closed. If you can’t find your account number, bring the deed to your home with you.
  • The Reception desk will direct you to the correct waiting area. Bring a book or a charged cell phone, as you may have a short wait ahead of you.
  • Present your account number at the counter and pay your annual taxes in cash or by credit or debit card. Please note that you may not pay with a foreign card, only a card issued from a Mexican bank.
  • Retain your receipt, you may have need to show it at some point during the coming year and it has your account number, which will make next year’s payment a breeze.

For the more technologically savvy, you may also pay at home, using the new online system which is available in both Spanish and English:

Inexpensive property taxes are just another reason why the cost of living is so affordable in Mexico and why more and more foreigners are choosing Puerto Vallarta for retirement and vacation home living.

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