Carl Rogers-Puerto Vallarta Agent

Carl began his career in the corporate world and quickly rose through the ranks.  He became the youngest executive on record for a major automotive manufacturing company were he served for several years.  He then became involved in the high tech industry and helped several start up companies and eventually formed his own successful high tech firm.

After selling his company he fell in love withe real estate, which has been his passion to this very day.  He has owned, bought, and sold many residential and commercial properties through his real estate company.  20 years ago, after a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, he was smitten by the “bug” and Puerto Vallarta became his 2nd home.  After a brief indoctrination to the culture he was convinced that this was his home.  Carl has made many friends and associates over the years and continues to own a successful rental business.

In addition to renting and selling he has joined hands with organizations that provide lending opportunities for small and large projects with no upper limits.  It is a culmination of all these activities over the years that has sharpened his skills and helped him become the knowledgeable person that he is today.

His love for real estate has funded his #1 desire, which is to provide charitable activities to those less fortunate.  As a result, Carl has been able to travel to many places around the world providing assistance, guidance, teaching, and finances to many of the hurting people of the world.  His motto “If you give your time, resources, and compassion to help others, it will return to you a hundred times over in unimaginable ways.”

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