Ready to leave it all behind and move to Mexico…but…. you’d kind of like to bring some of it with you?  Importing goods to Mexico can be a confusing endeavour particularly trying to navigate what is subject to duties and what items you may bring in without taxation.  But armed with the correct information you can sail through the process easily.  Here are our tips for importing goods to Mexico.

Goods Not Subject to Importation Duties

  • Furniture
  • Household goods such as pots and pans and kitchen items
  • Clothing
  • Books or personal music collections
  • Art work that is for personal use, not public exhibition
  • Tools of the trade for your profession, i.e. professional plumbing equipment, scientific instruments or artisan tools
  • Baby needs like cribs, play pens, strollers, etc.

Goods Subject to Importation Duties

  • Vehicles
  • Any goods that have been out of the country for commercial or industrial activities
  • Electronics that are not for personal use. For example, a married couple bringing more than two laptop computers would need to prove that any additional computer was a specific tool of the trade needed for their own professional use.

As things often do in Mexico, these rules are subject to change without prior advisement, but you can keep up to date on current regulations via this English-language government website to avoid any unwelcome taxation surprises at the border:

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