No doubt you’ve smiled at Day of the Dead artwork, sculpture, and masks throughout Mexico. Get ready to roar when this time-honored cultural phenomenon – and national holiday – comes alive with lively sights, sounds, and color October 29th – November 02.

Dating back 3000 years, this uniquely-Mexican ritual of honoring the dead has not only endured – despite a failed attempt by the Spanish Conquistadors to squelch it some 300 years ago after setting foot on Mexican soil – it continues to outdo itself year after year.

This year’s events promise to delight the senses with colorful Día de Muertos altars, parades, ofrendas or offerings, music, dance, theater performances, street parties, and costume contests.

And keep your eyes peeled for everyone’s favorite maiden of death, Catrina, the iconic, skeletal female with exquisite taste in clothes – not to mention memorable, Hollywood-perfect cheekbones.

“So, who is this boney Catrina starlet, anyway?” you ask?

Catrina is the unofficial icon of Día de Muertos and can be found in thousands of depictions everywhere. Created in 1920, she is the work of Mexican print maker Jose Guadalupe Posada. Titled La Calavera Catrina, meaning ‘dapper skeleton’ or ‘elegant skull’, it’s a satirical portrait of an upper-class woman of European gentry, complete with stylish hat and dress – and an image , Posada felt, many Mexicans were attempting to emulate.

So, reveal your inner Catrina, adorn your favorite sugar-skull makeup, and discover new ways to celebrate.

Long live Catrina! And long love Día de Muertos, October 29 – November 2.

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