If there was ever a bright side to a pandemic, you will find it in Mexico. There has never been a better time to buy and I’m sure you have some ideas as to why. Let’s face it, things right now could always be better, but by means of real estate, this situation is guaranteed to benefit you.

Property Price Reduction

Making a move to the beach has never been more alluring. Price values are going down on homes currently. The possibility of having a luxurious beachfront property has never been closer in reach! Cushman Wakefield predicts a dip in prices now, and a strong rebound at the second half of 2020.

Interest Rate Reduction 

Investors, lend me your ears… Interests rates as of March 2020 are being cut in half! That’s unheard of. You will easily be making your money back by the end of this year. A 30 year mortgage rate can be as low as 3.18% and  a 15-year mortgage rate is documented as low as 2.79%. The time is now!

Flight Price Reduction

One-way trips from Atlanta to Mexico are astoundingly low. $49-low. Though round-trips are not quite as low at $350 non stop, it is still a steal of a deal. Should you head safety precautions, your one-way trip ticket to Mexico could open your possibilities for finding the perfect property. 

Stress Reduction

Yes, there are seriously bad illnesses happening globally. But if you have to practice social distancing, shouldn’t it be at the beach?! If you are seriously considering a life change, you may want to check out these current available properties. Remember, real-estate is always negotiable!

Life is short. It is precious. If there is anything we can learn from the current situation is you need to enjoy life. At Ron Morgan Properties, buying a home in Mexico is not too different than buying property in the US or Canada. Give us a call today to optimize your future quality of life.