Puerto Vallarta is known by people from all over the world and by North Americans for sure, as a fine, tropical beach paradise. This bay has the Pacific Ocean’s transparent and warm waters.  Puerto Vallarta has a great variety of beautiful beaches suited to any type of recreational activity or just for relaxing. This makes it a perfect place for a vacation-home rental.   Imagine going out to fish at dawn, or resting in the sun on a small exotic solitary beach. How would you like water sports on a beach with larger waves,  or to simply sit and watch a sunset by the shore? Whatever your plan may be, you will find a perfect beach for you and you can visit a different beach every day if you have the right rental. Some people enjoy hotel stays, yet others want a place where they can cook and have guests and spread out a little more. What can be the perfect plan for you, is to take a look at the great variety of homes for rent in Puerto Villarta.

What types of homes can you find for rent in Puerto Vallarta? Ron Morgan Properties has a great selection of  different types of homes for rent. Are you dreaming of condo rental steps away from the beach with a balcony facing the water and a pool for a quick dip? Do you prefer a rental home with a  view of the city?  A Villa overlooking the ocean? How about a home for rent in a condo in the Romantic Zone? This places you in a rental in, for example, the Amapas neighborhood, half way up the hills and still walking distance to the best of restaurants, cafes, bars markets and galleries. Contact us today and see how your dreams of a vacation rental home in Puerto Vallarta can easily become reality.