When considering buying a home in a foreign land, there are many questions to be asked and answered.  Here at Ron Morgan Properties, it is the mission of our staff to make this process as simple and straight forward as possible. Asking questions is the best way for you to know what is what and our correct, helpful answers are the best way for us to educate you on how to buy a home in Mexico.

Some questions we are asked by folks who want to know more about how to buy a home in Mexico:

Is the process of buying a home in Mexico a difficult one? No. Not really. It is very similar to the U.S. process.

How does the escrow and deposit process work? When you decide to buy a home in Mexico, a wire transfer of 10% of purchase price goes into an escrow account; these are generally Title companies based in the U.S. And an escrow fee of usually 800.00 or less. They also require a deposit of your closing costs; a minimum of $3,000.00

Who will represent us in Mexico? Your real estate agent, working along with a closing coordinator.

Can we get an inspection when buying a home in Mexico? Absolutely. There are capable people to do this in the area. An inspection is a contingency, written into a buyer’s offer.

Will there be an actual closing? Yes. Your agent works with the Notaria, government official, to set a closing date. If you cannot attend, then there is a Power of Attorney process available to represent you; it is certainly preferable for you to attend.

We are sure these may only be part of the questions about how to buy a home in Mexico. Browse through the website to learn more or give a call or email to have other questions answered.