You’ve purchased a property on the pristine beaches of Puerto Vallarta. You rent it out half of the year, and you indulge yourself in your property the other half. What a great investment! But how do you fill the occupancy during the Hurricane Seasonal months of June-September? It is easy. Here are a few simple steps to persuade guests that Riviera Maya is the perfect place to visit all  year round.

Prepare your Property

Luckily, the last major hurricane to hit the PV beaches was well over 10 years ago. You are mainly getting a lot of periodic rain spurts from June to early September. Because hurricanes typically move in slow patterns, the method of preparing your property is a sinch. You should have about a week in advance to really reinforce your real estate should there actually be potential damage. A good evacuation plan is a great idea to keep posted in the home. Keep non-perishable food items in the home, especially drinking water. It is suggested 3 days of drinking water is a safe-bet. Batteries and a flashlight are handy should the electricity go out in your area. Additionally,  if your home/property is not equipped with storm shutters, keep plywood, nails and a hammer (and other tools) handy to reinforce windows should strong winds pelt your area. Finally, make sure your property insurance is up-to-date with full coverage before the hurricane hits your town.

Inform your Potential Guests

Should you have your home rented out during these months (which is a goal), inform the renters that they can purchase travel insurance prior to visiting. During the rainier months, the mosquitoes breed heavily, so a nice gesture would be to advise your guests to bring/invest in bug spray and to pack accordingly. Luckily, rain hits usually in the evenings, so it is easy to plan a day around the rain.

Prepare for Alternative Activities

There are still so many activities to partake in during hurricane season. Because weather moves briskly in the area, bad weather never seems to stay long. Keep an excursion book in your home for guests to brainstorm with in case the weather is uncooperative. A few fun ideas include ATV jungle tours, taking a break at a wellness spa, or exploring underground rivers!

Purchasing a property is just the beginning. Enjoying it the majority of the year makes it all worthwhile. Interested in having a vacation home that doubles as a rental property? Great idea! Here at Ron Morgan Properties, we pride ourselves on preparing you to consider many aspects of your purchase before committing to your investment such as Hurricane Season. Give us a call today to go through the luxurious and affordable inventory on hand.