If you are an American moving to Mexico, you can get along just fine without speaking a lick of Spanish…although we certainly recommend that learning at least a little will enrich your life in Puerto Vallarta. But one thing that you absolutely must learn to live successfully here? The metric system. Without it, you won’t know how warm the weather is, how far your destination is or how much weight you’ve gained from all the guacamole and margaritas! Well, maybe on that last one, ignorance is bliss, but for the others, you will definitely need to get in the swing of meters and liters. But don’t worry, we have two easy helpers for mastering the metric system.

Metric Master 1: Included in this article you will find handy conversion charts for length, weight and temperature. Print it out and keep a copy stuck to the fridge for easy reference any time you need it.

Metric Master 2: Have a smartphone? There are tons of great, free apps for easily converting between imperial and metric measure. For iPhone, we like the Convertor Plus free app which not only converts units, but currencies, tips, mortgages, fuel consumption and more, making it a great go-to app for everyday situations.

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Metric System