It is always tough when someone loses their life but doubly difficult when it is a young person in the prime of their life. A popular personality in Puerto Vallarta, Jibram Saco died on July 8, 2015. He was only 23 years old.

He was an accounting student at the University of Guadalajara (Vallarta Campus) and he lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta. He was visiting his family in Jarretaderas on July 6, just north of Puerto Vallarta. According to reports he was walking with his mother near the plaza and was struck by a car. The driver left the scene. Jibram suffered a serious head injury with massive trauma, underwent surgery and despite all efforts did not survive. Many mourn his loss.

Puerto Vallarta is a small city and everyone pretty much knows everyone else or knows someone that knows someone. In tragedies like this, people come together and Jibram was part of the vibrant and caring gay community.

Jibram could be seen every weekend as a go-go dancer at La Noche Martini Bar and CC Slaughter’s Bar. He was certainly a favorite and had the smile and personality to make everyone adore him.

He also worked as one of the kitchenettes on the Ron Morgan Properties’ video series, Recipes and Real Estate. “Jibram was in every episode,” says Laura Gelezunas, Show Host and Real Estate Agent at Ron Morgan Properties, “even though it was his first time doing video, he was eager to learn and do his best. He will be greatly missed on the set.”

The Puerto Vallarta community will be celebrating Jibram’s life Saturday, July 11, 2015, and collecting funds to help support his family during the time of crises for medical and funeral expenses. The generosity of these businesses is astounding.

La Noche Martini Bar, Lázaro Cárdenas 257 in Old Town will donate ALL proceeds, including tips, to Jibram’s fund. The bar is open from 7:30pm to 3:30am. “He was a really great guy and part of our family, says Kevin Johnson La Noche Owner, “Every drink, all tips and direct donations will go to the family. We wanted to do something special during this tragedy and all of the money will go to the family, hopefully this will be a substantial amount and relieve the burden. Me and my staff just wanted to do something special for Jibram and his family. He meant a great deal to us.”

CC Slaughter’s Bar, Lázaro Cárdenas 254 in Old Town will be donating all cover charges and direct donations to Jibram’s fund. This event starts at midnight and continues until the bar closes in the wee morning hours.

Paco’s Ranch, Ignacio Luis Vallarta 278 on Sunday, July 12, will donate all cover charges to Jibram’s fund. The bar opens at 10pm.

If you cannot attend these events, you can donate directly to the family by depositing funds to his brother’s account at Jose Alfredo Sanchez Contreras, 4152 3131 3465 8272. This is a Bancomer account. You can deposit directly into the account at any OXXO.

This loss of life is a tragedy and one person is held accountable and cannot be found because he or she left the scene.

Please assist with Jibram’s expenses and take some load off of the family. Every life deserves respect.

Written by: Laura Gelezunas