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Cross Border Investment is proud to be working with several different lenders who will work with buyers from the US and Canada purchasing property in Mexico. One of the loan products offers a 4% interest rate.

Here is a brief explanation of this loan product:
—–50% down payment
—–4% interest rate
—–Term up to 7 years
—–No prepayment penalty
—– Loans are funded and mortgage payments are made in pesos.
o For example, if the monthly payment is $40,000 pesos, for clients who closed on a mortgage when the exchange rate was 12 (year 2013), their monthly payment at the closing of their mortgage was $3,333 USD. Using current exchange rate of 18, their monthly payment is $2,222 USD. That is a 35% savings.
Borrowers must document their income via their tax returns, and must have a healthy credit history (exceptions can be made).
No Mexican residency status is required.
Cross Border Investment works with additional loan options for foreigners purchasing properties in Mexico. Of course with offer many options for Mexican clients purchasing properties in Mexico