Are you and your team officially over doing “Zoom” calls? We hear you loud and clear. With the silver lining on the horizon of this pandemic, what better way to motivate your business than to plan a business getaway to Puerto Vallarta? Experts are saying the Summer is going to be the time to begin normalcy. Though it may look a little different, it is the perfect opportunity to work, check out real estate potential in Mexico and take your business International. 

Step One- Available Airfare to Paradise

Affordable and reliable airlines have opened back up as of April 28, 2020. Reputable companies such as Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines have reduced pricing on round-trip, non-stop flights and are ensuring the safest and cleanest transportation for it’s travelers.

Step Two- Accommodations in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Hotels have temporarily suspended activity to ensure the safety of their guests and employees. However, in just a matter of days hotels will be opening back up slowly on June 1, 2020. At Ron Morgan properties, there is a variety of rentals available for longer-term stays. 

Step Three- What to do in Puerto Vallarta?

To respect the concerns of your employees, try planning outings that would be considered socially distant. There are many rainforests to hike, small restaurants to indulge in and of course the convenience of the beaches (which are still open). If all members of your trip are interested, there are even small boat charters that cruise daily around Banderas Bay. Name a better way to motivate your team after this vicious virus. Exactly.

Future Planning

Many businesses and people personally have taken a stumble during these unpredictable times. However, this could also create an avenue of opportunity for you, your company and the people who have supported you. Mexico may just be the perfect place to expand on that idea.

If this article is simply screaming at you, we would like to help. Buying or renting a property in Mexico is not so different from buying in Canada or even the US. At Ron Morgan Properties, we would like to help ease the stress of finding that perfect location to expand your business and beautiful life.