Holiday season anywhere around the world is chock-full of songs, traditions, customs, friends, food, and family. Why should Puerto Vallarta be any different? Ah yes, because you now live in the paradise country of Mexico with so many new friends, visiting family, and lovely new traditions you’re ready to share with the ones you love. Here are some Puerto Vallarta favorites in the holiday season.


November 20
Francisco Madera inspires Revolution day in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This day in Mexico represents the spirit of the Mexican ancestry and pride of Mexican culture. On this day, parades take place, important political figures give speeches full of the pride of Mexico and Mariachi, the symbol of the Mexican spirit, is played all day long. This important day of Mexican history celebrates the comradery of fellow Mexican people and whoever wishes to celebrate the history of Mexico together! 


Christmas Begins on December 1
What’s better than Christmas? 25 days of it. On December first, locals will come and celebrate the ‘Festival of Guadalupe’. This nightly candle-lit pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe pays respects and honors the Virgin Mary for 12 nights. This celebration is full of fun, music, and gifts for the most respected mother in Mexico. 


Las Posadas
Starting on December 16, the people of Mexico celebrate the first ‘posadas’ or make the company to The Virgin Mother Mary and Joseph on their journey to the Inn to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Locals gather together in the streets and in houses to pray, sing and celebrate for as many days as decided on the 16 for the baby Jesus. On the last day, December 24, the celebration comes to a close with an impressive spread of a dinner to honor the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem.


Christmas and Pinatas
Sin is metaphorically struck down as in the Mexican tradition of the 7 pointed star pinata commences. Every year on Christmas, Mexicans are blindfolded to represent blind faith that their sins will be struck down (represented by the pinata). This fun tradition is followed with enjoying treats inside the Pinata as well as treats such as tamales and churros.


Puerto Vallarta highlights the beautiful traditions and customs of the Mexican culture all while being welcoming to all who wish to partake and celebrate. 


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