When you imagine any city in Mexico, your thoughts may initially take you to the middle of Summer laying out on the beach. Sometimes those picturesque ideas leave little imagination for the other three seasons of the year in a tropical paradise. The unique season of fall in the romantic city of Puerto Vallarta compliments “beach go-ers” and “sight-seers” alike with its desirable temperatures, to its vast array of historic activities.



From later September through November, the temperature becomes more favorable for being outdoors longer. Temperatures stay in the 70’s with little rain. Getting to know the area is simple with its weekly art walks in Downtown Historic Puerto Vallarta. These Art walks showcase anywhere from 9 artists up and a variety of mediums including glass artisanship, paintings, clay moldings, instruments, and even jewelry. Local Farmers markets are also held on the weekends from local farmers and vendors selling anything from fresh produce and livestock to crafts and jewelry as well. 


Less Rain

Ocean fanatics, fall is the season for you. Whether your interests are sports fishing, laying on the beach, or whale watching; less rain means clearer ocean waters bringing favorable conditions for all of these activities. Better underwater visibility also highlights one of the most sought-after recreational activities in Mexico, snorkeling. Less turbulent weather keeps water calm and sediments settled at the bottom of the ocean creating an epic panoramic underwater ocean view. 


Enjoying like a Local

Autumn is considered Puerto Vallarta’s “shoulder season” meaning it is not considered the “low season” or the “high season” but a happy medium in between. With fewer people and fewer crowds, the fall tends to be one of the most fun seasons due to the fantastic festivals that take place! Beginning in September with “Charro Day,” the famous history of the Mexican Cowboys is celebrated, followed by the prestigious Mexican Independence day. The forever beautiful ritual of Dia De Los Muertos also known as “The Day of the Dead” honors close friends and family who have passed by the beautiful pictures, delicious food, enchanting music, and aesthetic art displayed around the entire country. All of this to finish up the fall season with “All Saint’s Day” on November 1. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in the fall in Puerto Vallarta. Not to mention during these times hold the greatest opportunity to buy and sell real estate due to motivated buyers and sellers that fall in love with this time of the year.


What a season to become acclimated to the new city you would dream of calling “home.” There’s never a better opportunity to make your dreams a reality and with Ron Morgan Properties, it is easier than ever for them to come true. Give us a call today to find your perfect property, second home, office space or rental in one of the most beautiful places in the world!