One of the most exciting reasons to own a vacation home is to get to utilize it during breaks from work and school. With warmer weather right around the corner, a much-needed break is a must. Puerto Vallarta can satisfy your need for a little getaway, especially if you own a second home in the area.

Spring is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta, here’s why:

1. The Need for Better Weather



Puerto Vallarta’s warmer, coastal weather could be the antidote for your winter blues. This popular vacation spot is around the same latitude as one of the most famous spring and summer destinations, Hawaii. Thus, they resemble in climate. The average high temperature at Puerto Vallarta, from April to May, ranges from 82°F to 85°F, with only a low of 66°F. Have you ever gone to a beach in the springtime with the hopes of swimming in warm water; however, when you get there, the water is still ice cold? Because of the higher average temperature in Puerto Vallarta, the ocean water reaches anywhere between 75°F to 79°F between the months of April and May. So, jump in and relax!

Spring is known for its unpredictable precipitation, and after winter’s brutal cold, the last thing we want are those depressing, cloudy skies. Coastal areas tend to be overwhelmingly cloudy in April, especially off the Atlantic Coast of the United States where those states receive between 5-6 inches of rain each month. Many popular Spring destinations, including beaches along the United States Panhandle, receive just as much rainfall.

Puerto Vallarta not only has desirable spring temperatures, but it is free of the normal spring showers. In April, Puerta Vallarta receives zero inches of rainfall and 0.4 inches of rainfall in May. You can sit back and relax knowing that the weather won’t change your day-to-day plans.

Leave your umbrella and coat at home, you won’t need them in Puerto Vallarta!

2. Activities for Everyone



Are looking for a family-oriented community or a community with an adult-culture? Maybe you would want a little bit of both! Then look no further. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for everyone of all ages.

The most exciting thing about Puerto Vallarta is its ability to keep everyone busy. Nothing is more relaxing than laying on the beach but going on little adventures from time to time are completely possible at this vacation destination. Winter tends to keep us indoors, but in Puerto Vallarta, the outdoors are calling.

Many of the on-water tourist attractions and activities are:

  • Snorkeling cruises in Marietas Islands, Las Arcos, etc.
  • Sunset cruises, The Marine Safari Cruise, wild dolphin cruises, etc.
  • Pirate ship tours
  • Scuba diving courses and cruises
  • Fishing trips
  • Motor-Vehicle rentals such as jet skis

Other activities include:

  • Hiking and camping
  • Many shopping strips
  • Cultural tours
  • Landmarks such as The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Outdoor activities such as ATV rentals
  • Adult-only bars and clubs

So, why should you do these things in the Spring? Because you can. Many of these water-based activities are only open in warmer climate. Leave it up to Puerto Vallarta to satisfy your “I need to get out of the house” needs.

As an added bonus, if you are a surfer or would like to be taught how to surf, there are many surfer-oriented beaches with friendly waves and surfing instructors.

Don’t worry about breaking the bank, either. Many of these activities come at a very affordable cost.


3. Don’t Worry About Spring Breakers



During the Springtime, it has become very hard to find quiet beaches that are not crowded by teenagers and college students. While many spring breakers do visit Puerto Vallarta, don’t fret.

There are secluded spots that are quiet and pristine. This destination as a whole is very lively, but there are locations that are quieter than others. One of Puerto Vallarta’s most peaceful beaches is Playa Conchas Chinas, which goes as far as reaching the Sierra Madre Mountains.  

In this sun-soaked city, many people invest their time looking into many of the historical aspects of its location. With the spring breakers spending their time on hopping hotspots, such as certain beaches, residents can trust in their ability to enjoy these historical and architectural locations without being over-crowded.

Another thing about Puerto Vallarta that differs than many of the other spring break locations, is that many of its resorts have an age restriction. So you won’t find very many teenagers or college students on some of your more secluded, adult-oriented beaches. You can come to Puerto Vallarta knowing that you will be in a lively yet peaceful place to live!


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