Have you ever heard the expression, “We live where you vacation”? Summer is here and this expression whispers into becoming your new reality. The rich cultures galvanize you to learn a new language and a new way of life. The vines in your backyard inspire you to explore the botanical gardens. The lightning storms spark excitement into your nightly routine. With the seasons changing, you will not want to miss out on what Summer has to bring to Puerto Vallarta.



  1. Off Season


Did you know that summer is actually this vacation destination’s offseason? Due to rain, warm temperatures, and moderate humidity, the summer draws in a smaller crowd of people. Just think-fewer umbrellas at the beach to be able to see the stunning bay. The intimate setting creates a perfect window for you and your “sweetie” to delve into “La Zona Romantica” or “The Romantic Zone”. Not to mention, “Food Week” in Puerto Vallarta is the last two weeks of May. Talk about a great opportunity to meet the locals while becoming one!



 2. The Incredible Weather Displays Make for Nature’s Masterpiece


Yes, the summer is considered the “rainy” reason. Fret not! The incredible storms that greet the Puerto Vallarta shores are beautiful and short lived. Majestic and impressionable squalls satisfy the humidity’s hunger, lower temperatures and leave the atmosphere feeling very comfortable. The lightning shows come variably during the Summer months and never last long. The effect of this season makes for picturesque landscapes at the local gardens. The rain feeds into the lush scenery and pleasant scents that bless the city’s surroundings. Nature enthusiasts, consider this is a prime time to see nature do what it does best.



3. Peace of mind.


A perfect place for families and singles alike. Since there are so many activities to partake in, restaurants to eat at, and destinations to go visit, there is only room for one more question, “Is it safe?” The answer is; absolutely. Crime reports are at an all-time low due to the dedicated government of this city. The local law enforcement has been repeatedly recognized for keeping this area one of the safest cities in Mexico. One more reason to check your worries at the door and be able to fully relax.


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