Have you ever considered spending your winter holidays on the warm beach of Mexico?


When individuals invest in a vacation home, more often than not they take a family vacation during the summer months while kids are out of school.


But imagine spending Christmas break surfing, hiking, and sunbathing on the beach. What a memory!


Winter is actually the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta, here’s why:



  • The Weather Is Better


December is considered one of the best months with the best weather. The weather is great during the winter months because of the cities close position to the equator. The days are warm, but not humid. Most days the average temperature is around 73 degrees Fahrenheit, with the night temperature dropping a bit to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.



  • More Sunshine


December is known for its long, sun-filled days and little to no rainfall. Winter is also the “dry season” so most days you can expect to get a full 10 hours of sunshine! It is the perfect time to sunbathe by the beach, take a swim in the pool, or enjoy various water activities! However, keep in mind that for these reasons, the crowd’s tent to pick up in the tourist areas!



  • Lots Of Activities


The winter months are actually known for being the best time for various activities. December is the best time for surfing because the waves are spectacular. It is the best time to go whale watching because the whales are most active in large numbers. It is also the best time to visit the Mismaloya Jungle because the days are slightly cooler, the skies are clear, and there are no bugs flying around!


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