Have you been thinking about how your property is fairing in the rental market in Mexico? If it’s vacant, should you rent?If you’re renting, how do you properly manage your home without endangering anyone involved? Are you wondering how to maximize the opportunity for the future of your property? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some ways to manage and maximize opportunities for your international rental safely. 


If your property is inhabited, continue to communicate with your tenants through zoom or skype. Ensuring the satisfaction of your tenants is essential to continuing having them rent out your space. 

Should your property be vacant, arrange a time to unlock the property before someone comes to visit, and a set time limit to have it locked up with an appropriate amount of time after potential tenants come to view your property. Have sanitation come between showings to ensure safety for all parties involved.

Invest in Virtual Security

Ring, Nest, and Wyze are excellent and inexpensive ways to keep tabs on your property from afar. Text notifications are sent for minimum and maximum movements for the utmost levels of security and your home. Best part is, monthly payments on these systems are minimal! This investment is smart even beyond what is currently occurring around the world. Protect the things that you’ve invested the most in!


Have there been some projects you’ve been putting off? What better time is there to go to Mexico and work on your property? Painting, upgrading appliances, upscaling landscaping. It can all be done. Ensuring you’re hiring a crew that is showing up to your property that has less than 10 people working at once can be done with a sinch. According to Bloomberg, labor, appliance prices and even materials have begun to decrease in price. Allocate your funds where they will pay off! Once these upgrades have been completed, they will pay for themselves by increasing the price of rent in return. Whether you decide to ‘do it yourself’ or hire out the work, now is the time to do it. However, if you come down yourself, airfare is the lowest it’s been in years and you’re always near the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Don’t think of this time as “doom and gloom”. Consider this time to be the perfect opportunity to improve the security of your home, advance on your use of technology, and gain in rental price from renovation provisions. Don’t have a property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t? With properties beautifully designed and fair priced, now is the time to buy! Call one of the professionals here at Ron Morgan Properties for more information. The buying process isn’t that different from buying in the US or Canada! We have plenty of properties available and we will be looking forward to hearing from you!