Sitting at your desk, you begin to daydream about soft waves rolling in and out of a shore. You feel your uncomfortably caged feet in shoes that should be lead-free to be dug into warm grained sand. You reach for your water on your desk to quench your thirst but taste the coconut concoction you had just a few months before, and your skin craves the warm embrace of the familiar and friendly sun.

Don’t feel guilty, we all do it. That’s when you realize it’s time to move to the beach, and you know the perfect location: Mexico.



  • Climate


Location, location, location. In Mexico, it may be a toss-up to decide what city would be the best place for you to relocate. However, wherever you decide to go has similarities in season and environment. Being so close to the equator, the main changes in your “seasons” will be a slight temperature change and varying amounts of rain throughout the year. So say “goodbye” to those pesky allergies and sickness. Mexico’s beaches climate cure-all.



  • Healthcare


For the things that the climate cannot “cure”, there is exceptional and affordable Healthcare. The privatized healthcare in Mexico’s major cities have received reputable mention upon reputable mention (Puerto Vallarta specifically), and is up to 50%-70% less expensive than in the United States.



  • History & Culture


Dating back to the Incan civilization and further, every single city is chalk-full of stories, traditions, and the eagerness to preserve and remember the ways of the past. Ruins remind the population of the greatness of the ancestry of the land. The beautiful language of Spanish dances down every street and tickles your ears as you grab dinner in your new version of local. Food is a great contender in the elements of culture, and the love of it is evident in anything you choose to devour. A can’t-go-wrong, crowd pleaser is the authentic taco varieties and sensational Nayarit style seafood.  



  • Easy Visitor Access


If you’re concerned about the distance between friends and family, you’re not the only one! Luckily, there are an abundance of airports throughout the great country of Mexico, and fares which are often featured on money-saving sites. Once friends and family come see how inexpensive the cost of living is, the booming industry opportunities, and the mentality to ‘slow down and enjoy life’ is illustrated, you may have more than a short-term house guest!



  • A Genuine Sense of Community.


Life is short. No one should have to “live to work”. Rather, one should love where they live and what they do. Living in Mexico is just that; living a life full of adventure.The greatest commonality is the “oneness” the Mexican community shares for people who love life and love the country.


Are you thinking of purchasing property in Mexico?  The process of buying a home here in Mexico isn’t dramatically different from purchasing a home in the United States or Canada, but there are a few minor differences worth knowing.

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