It is the new year and you may be very ready to make some big moves. When searching areas with tropical climates, working opportunities galore, and affordable and relaxing lifestyle, Puerto Vallarta is the way to go. The cost of living in Puerto Vallarta is a comfortable amount to live in one of the world’s most luxurious paradises.

These amounts are based on the US dollar. Let’s take a look at a round-about amount you’d be spending (as a single) per month to live in Puerto Vallarta.

Living Expenses

This is the first and largest expense that will be coming out of your monthly budget. Since there is an array of properties, think about what you can envision yourself living in, and there is more than likely a property within your budget. Rental properties can range from as little as $350/month for a one bedroom outside of the city to $800/month and usually have a flexible 6-month rental agreement. No furniture? No problem. Many (most) apartments come fully furnished, so no need to budget to buy new furniture. Most apartment complexes are equipped with amenities such as workout facilities at no extra cost. This is a great option if you’re really interested in trying this lovely city out to live in but haven’t made a concrete decision on where to live.

Buying property in Puerto Vallarta is also a great investment whether you decide to stay or keep your buy as a rental property and make money from it. Nice condos and homes in secured areas located on or near the beach can be priced from the higher $100,000’s and rise from there. The beach and the city have multiple luxury properties starting in the $300,000’s. If you don’t believe me, check out these available listings here!


For your water (absolute need), electricity, heating, cooling, water and garbage, the total amount for your utilities for a 1,000 square foot living space is a whopping… Cue drumroll $38 dollars per month according to the Numbeo news numbers (and that is rounded up!). If you’re feeling especially frugal, many residents of the PV area opt out of heating and air during the winter and spring months. With TV and internet, your utility bill will jump up another $20, but nevertheless, still affordable.

You do not need a car in Puerto Vallarta. There are many different types of public transportation such as local bus routes to get you to and from where you need to go. A monthly bus pass costs $15. For all else, there are legs for walking and ubers for specific destination requests!
Food Costs

Walmart lives in Puerto Vallarta Mexico! For grocery trips (depending on what type of diet you consume), you can plan on spending $40 a week/week and a half for produce, meat, diary, starches and snacks. $40 X 4 weeks comes out to $160 a month in groceries. If you care to indulge in restaurants in the area, budget another $40/month.

All in all, Puerto Vallarta has numerous work opportunities, and low cost of living. Get ready to kick back and live the relaxing life for a grand total of $623/month (at the lowest realistic dollar amount)! Remember, living in Puerto Vallarta has a 63% lower cost of living than New York City and much more relaxing. Do we have your attention now? When you’re ready to rent or buy, we at Ron Morgan Properties, would love to help you find your first home, second home or rental property in Puerto Vallarta! Call us today for more to get started with your foot forward in your new future!