Attention entrepreneurs! Did you know Mexico is becoming one of the leaders to begin a new business? Mexico has committed 650 billion dollars over the past few years to encourage and support entrepreneurs to start-up businesses. If this doesn’t entice you, maybe some of the future of Mexico will be just the thing to convince you to start a new life in Mexico.


2050 and Beyond!

Goldman Sachs predicts that the Mexican Economy will be the fifth-largest economy by the year 2050. Though majorly coming from manufacturing and petroleum, many opportunities in industries such as aerospace, automotive and even medical supply have given a “leg up” to the people and economy in Mexico. 


500 Startups

With all of these exciting opportunities coming into Mexico’s present and future, they also have a program called 500 Startups: Latam. This program sponsors Latin American countries wanting to go through an accelerated process to help entrepreneurs start up their own businesses. 



Watch out technology giants, Mexico is breaking through with their technology potential. Last year alone, Mexico had more engineers graduate than even the United States. Mexico has a very young population being 1/3 under the age of 25 years old. The middle class is continuing to grow, and more opportunities are being presented to try and push Mexico to eventually be a technology leader.


Tourism: Effort-LESS

Have you got the next best up and coming idea for tourism in Mexico? Believe it or not, it is easier to start up a business based on tourism in Mexico than it can be in the United States. Mexico has low costs of living, low costs of business operations and endless opportunity. This could be the perfect time to put your dreams into plans and your “can’t(s) into cans.


Here at Ron Morgan Properties, we would like to help you find the perfect home, second home or even rental property in the great country of Mexico. Much of the home-buying process is not much different than even buying a house in the United States. With much pleasure, we look forward to helping you! Click the contact button to get the information you need for starting an exciting future living in Mexico!