Moving to Mexico is full of exciting adventures, new customs and even a few challenges along the way, as you navigate life in your new city and country. When buying a home or condo in Puerto Vallarta, utilities will be something that you need to either set up or transfer into your name. But while you may be familiar with name like AT&T or TELUS (for our Canadian friends), the names of utility companies in Mexico may not roll off your tongue so easily. Here is an easy reference guide to major utility services in Puerto Vallarta to get you started.


  • C.F.E – the Federal Commission of Electricity


  • SEPAL – the State Department of Potable Water, Drainage and Sewage

Residential Television, Internet and Phone Services

  • IZZI – cable television, internet and phone
  • Cosmored – cable television, internet and phone
  • Telmex – internet, phone and streaming service
  • Sky – satellite television

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